Battery Cover Made of Fire-resistant SMC

Synergy between plastics and engineering methods

Highly fire-resistant plastic battery cover based on unique material formulation technology

We have developed a plastic material that can stop the fire spread cycle by suppressing the thermal decomposition of the plastic and the diffusion of combustible gas.
The plastic battery cover has passed the strict Chinese standard for fire resistance.

  • 50% reduction in heat generation rate compared to our mass-produced SMC material, achieving flame retardant grade 5VA
    (Insulation resistance: 4 × 10^10 Ω; Tracking index: 600 V or more)
  • High fire resistance owing to improved materials
  • Compatibility with complex shapes that fit the component layout of the vehicle
  • Our molding technology accommodating large battery cover molding

We are also developing value-added products that can control electromagnetic waves while taking advantage of the insulating properties of plastic.

*SMC:sheet molding compound(thermosetting molding compound)