DNC at a glance

DaikyoNishikawa Corporation (DNC) is a comprehensive plastics manufacturer and a proposal-oriented solution provider headquartered in Higashihiroshima-shi, Hiroshima.
This page presents DNC’s profile and strengths.

Part 1.Corporate Philosophy of DNC

DaikyoNishikawa’s corporate philosophy expresses its reason for being and the social mission that it constantly pursues. DNC intends to create new possibilities of Monozukuri in order to support the future society as a long desired company.

Corporate philosophyAt DNC we relentlessly pursue our reason for being and our social mission.

We strive to be a company which places emphasis on people, society and the earth, in pursuit of the happiness and prosperity of our employees.
We will aim to exceed expectations by taking on challenges to technological development and innovative Monozukuri.
We will establish a company that gains the confidence of our community by thoroughly creating and following our general business ethics.

Philosophy System Diagram

Corporate philosophy/Brand Concept and Story/The DNC Way/DNC Identity

Corporate philosophy / DNC brand

Part 2.Features and Strengths of DNC

DaikyoNishikawa’s strengths include material and product development capabilities and various types of production engineering. The company has built a system that allows it to provide a wide variety of products and to respond to strict delivery deadlines required by its customers, using its manufacturing prowess cultivated over many years.

figure Sales & Marketing/R&D/Product Development Production Engineering/Quality Assurance/Manufacture

figure Sales & Marketing/R&D/Product Development Production Engineering/Quality Assurance/Manufacture
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Part 3.Products of DNC

Leveraging its high engineering prowess built through experience and supported by a range of specialized manufacturing equipment, DNC provides a variety of automotive plastics parts.
The most important factors are safety and quality. In addition to these, DNC responds flexibly to market demands such as high-mix low-volume production. Moreover, it will continue to make new proposals such as modularization.

ockpit Front end Engine parts

Cockpit Front end Engine parts
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Leveraging its abilities in design, development, molding, and painting technology cultivated with the manufacture of automotive plastic parts, DNC also manufactures housing parts. The company has received high reputation and trust for its proposals made based on, and the quality of, its proprietary material blending and decoration technologies.

Part 4.DNC’s Sustainability Approach

Helping solve various social and environmental issues will lead to the sustainable growth of the company and to its increased corporate value over the medium to long term. To realize this virtuous cycle, DNC is promoting company-wide activities based on its sustainability policy.

Sustainability Policy In the DaikyoNishikawa Group, each employee plays a leading role and works
to build a sustainable society in line with its Corporate Philosophy.