Purchasing Information

Basic Philosophy

For a corporation to contribute to the sustainability of society as a whole, we believe it is important to promote sustainable procurement that considers social responsibility throughout the entire supply chain.

In our green procurement approach, we will work to build a recycling-oriented society. Pursuant to the applicable laws, regulations and customer requirements regarding chemical substances contained in products, we identify substances to be controlled, request that our suppliers register them to the control sheet system so that no prohibited substances will be mixed in, and confirm that such substances are not contained. In this way, we completely avoid using them.

In addition, we request accountable procurement of raw materials regarding conflict minerals and conduct surveys once a year with the cooperation of our suppliers.

Green Procurement

To leave a rich global environment to the next generation, we will strive to procure safe materials. To that end, we give priority to the purchase of environmentally friendly items from a comprehensive perspective.

We promote green procurement to help build a recycling-oriented society.