Stakeholder relations

Basic Philosophy

DaikyoNishikawa is willing to disclose information so as to build good partnerships and sincerely work together with our stakeholders to solve social issues.

Relationship with Stakeholders

We have identified the following stakeholders and are committed to improve management and business execution through mutual communication.

Relationship with Stakeholders

Stakeholder Example Communication Method
  • ■ Exhibiting at various exhibitions (Automotive Engineering Exposition, Sustainable Material Expo, etc.)
  • ■ Information exchange through relevant staff at each department (as needed)
  • ■ Plant tours (as needed)
  • ■Financial results announcement (each quarter)
  • ■General Meeting of Shareholders (once/year)
  • ■Briefings for individual investors (as needed)
  • ■Financial results briefing (full-year financial results and second quarter financial results)
  • ■Shareholder newsletter (twice/year)
  • ■Plant tour (as needed)
  • ■ Supplier liaison meeting (once/year)
  • ■ DNC meeting (once/year)
  • ■ Plant tours (as needed)
  • ■ Participation in local events (as needed)
  • ■ Plant tours (as needed)
  • ■ In-house newsletter (4 times/year)
  • ■ Various education and training (as needed)
  • ■ Interviews (4 times/year)