What’s DaikyoNishikawaProposal-based Integrated Plastics Manufacturer

DaikyoNishikawa is a proposal-based integrated plastics manufacturer that handles everything from material development to production in the field of automotive interior and exterior plastic products.

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Plastics are lightweight and have a high degree of adaptability in processing. While further enhancing these features, we provide higher-value-added products in terms of functionality, safety, strength, durability, and environmental friendliness.


Our strengths include material and product development capabilities and various types of production engineering.
The company has built a system that allows it to provide a wide variety of products and to respond to strict delivery deadlines required by its customers, using its manufacturing prowess cultivated over many years.



The DaikyoNishikawa Production System (DNPS) activity aims to pursue the value of work.
It is an effort to continuously improve the abilities of the production staff based on human resource development.


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You will find the most recent business results, future outlook, and medium-term management plan.