Human resource development


One of the management foundation strategies set out in our Medium-Term Management Plan is to “Reinforce systems to support people with the aim of improving job satisfaction of every member of the Group.” Based on this strategy, we are creating a working environment where diverse human resources can continue to work with enthusiasm and are enhancing our training programs and curricula.

Training curricula by level

Training curricula by level

Training curricula by level
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Activity examples

Training by level

The training programs teach trainees roles and ways of thinking, while defining the image of human resources and skills required of each level. The purpose of the training is to educate them so that they become aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as of abilities to be developed in the future.

Overseas training program for young employees

We provide language training at a language school in Canada and business training at affiliated companies in North and Central America. For young employees who are enthusiastic and motivated to shoulder the future of the Company, we operate development programs so that they improve their language skills, acquire a global mindset, and are able to play an active role in global communities.

Leader training

Leader training is a human resource development program designed for candidates for Assistant Managers and Chiefs at manufacturing worksites to learn management, organizational management skills, problem-solving skills, leadership, and the like, to understand the roles required of each position, and to be able to act accordingly.

Technical school

The technical school teaches methods and ways of thinking based on technical theory, with courses including basic injection molding and painting technology. It develops talented human resources who can solve challenges with a logical way of thinking and a sense of mission. It also aims to facilitate development and improve work efficiency by encouraging trainees to put into practice in their operation the various methods and ideas learned.