Efforts toward carbon neutrality


DaikyoNishikawa recognizes that its business has a very significant impact on society in realizing the 2050 Carbon Neutrality Declaration that the Japanese government announced in 2020. The Company has a strong sense of responsibility for the effective use of limited resources and is taking on every challenge to achieve its goal of reducing loss at the end of a production process by 50% by 2030 compared to FY2013.

FY2021 survey of the range of our activities

FY2021 survey of the range of our activities
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Efforts to Reduce CO2 Emissions

DaikyoNishikawa’s management philosophy states, “We will realize a company which places emphasis on people, society and the earth.” In addition to actively promoting productivity improvement, energy saving activities, and reduction, recycling, and reuse, the Company when updating equipment and buildings has been working with a high priority on environmentally friendly specifications. As a result, CO₂ emissions per unit volume of shipment have been on a downward trend since 2013. A new department was established to lead activities across the company beginning in fiscal 2021, appointing the executive officer in charge of the technical field to serve as superintendent. We surveyed the range of activities for reducing CO2 emissions and have begun identifying the scope of our efforts. We will continue to help achieve carbon neutrality, drawing a roadmap for attaining the 2030 targets.

CO2 emissions per unit volume of shipment

FY2021 survey of the range of our activities