Privacy Policy

At times on this website, for purposes of customer service, you may be requested to provide personal information. In such cases, this information will be protected as outlined below, based on DAIKYONISHIKAWA’s privacy policy.

Information covered by the privacy policy includes: name, address, e-mail address, phone/fax numbers, sex, date of birth, occupation, hobbies, etc. This information is used to help identify individual customers.

This website clearly specifies the intended purpose for private information supplied by customers. Information will not be used for any other purpose. DAIKYONISHIKAWA employs an administrator to deal with private information and ensure that it is properly controlled.

Private information provided to this website will not be disclosed to any third party without the user’s permission, except under the following conditions:

  • When the user consents to the disclosure of his or her private information;
  • When, by law, private information must be disclosed to a government or other public office;
  • When required for the management of this website, a user’s private information may be disclosed to a third-party company whose services have been engaged. In such cases, disclosed private information is limited to essential areas only. Legal contracts are used to ensure the proper administration of private information.

DAIKYONISHIKAWA abides by all statutes and laws governing the use of private information on this website. Furthermore, DAIKYONISHIKAWA seeks to regularly review and improve its activities in the aforementioned situations.

The points discussed above should be taken into consideration in all subsequent notices on this website regarding the handling of private information.