Environmental conservation activities

Environmental Philosophy

With the participation of all employees, we will continue thorough environmental conservation activities and become a company that is friendly to people, society, and the Earth.

Environmental Policy

  1. We will protect the environment and prevent pollution by assessing the impact of our corporate activities on the environment, setting environmental goals, reviewing them regularly, and continuously improving our environmental performance through our environmental management system.
  2. We will thoroughly reduce losses and improve the environment by assigning priorities to the reduction and recycling of waste, the promotion of resource and energy conservation, and the management and reduction of environmentally hazardous substances, in light of the impacts of our corporate activities, products, and services on the environment.
  3. We will comply with environment-related laws, regulations, and other requirements.

Green Procurement

To leave a rich global environment to the next generation, we will strive to procure safe materials.
To that end, we give priority to the purchase of environmentally friendly items from a comprehensive perspective.

We promote green procurement to help build a recycling-oriented society.

Promotion Framework

Promotion Framework