Painting is a type of surface treatment used to cover the surface of a material with a film of paint. It is generally used for the purposes of decoration, protection, and rust prevention. To provide decorations that our customers desire, we have established a painting method that adds an increased value by painting, satisfies quality requirements while simultaneously ensuring manufacturability.

Surface Decoration

We are proud of our outstanding decoration technology that covers all areas from design development to presentation and mass production. Moreover, we respond to diverse customer needs with timely design proposals using advanced technologies such as electrostatic painting that pursues the ultimate paint yield.

Spindle Painting

Painting a large workpiece on a spindle (rotating) greatly improves productivity compared to conventional painting. We have established a method that helps improve product quality. It has so far been difficult to use spindle coating on large workpieces such as spoilers. Nonetheless, by reviewing the structure and using electrostatic painting, we have established a painting method that achieves both productivity and quality. As a result, it is now possible to overcome the difficulty of using sophisticated paint colors as in conventional spindle painting.

Automatic Painting Line

The painting process line is automated by robots because painting uses organic solvents that are harmful to the human body. The automatic painting line is unmanned using robots instead to apply multi-layered films such as wiping, primer, base, color, and clear. It is a human-friendly painting line. Our robot teaching not only incorporates human skills but also takes advantage of electrostatic painting with high paint adhesion efficiency. Hence, this teaching makes robot operation easy.

Spray Gun Painting

For shapes that are difficult to paint with robots, we use manual spray gun painting. Spray gun painting can be used flexibly, that is, it has a high degree of freedom in painting. The members are highly skilled in painting techniques. They perform high-quality painting. While evolving unmanned painting, we continue to hone and pass down human skills and do not let those skills become obsolete. This is an important element of our Monozukuri.