Main Procurement Items

Automotive Exterior Parts
Bumpers, Tailgates

Plastic parts, plated parts, extruded parts, rubber parts, metal stamping parts, various fastening Parts (bolts, nuts, fasteners)

Automotive Interior Parts
Instrument Panels, Consoles, Trim Parts

Plastic parts, metal stamping parts, polyurethane, non-woven fabrics, sound insulation materials, upholstered/molded surface products, sewn products, various fastening Parts (bolts, nuts, screws, fasteners, clips)

Powertrain Parts
Battery Covers, Oil Strainers

Various fastening Parts (insert nuts, bolts, pins, bushings), polyurethane parts, rubber parts, sealing materials (gaskets, packing, O-rings)

Electrical Parts
Indicators, Parts Related to Safety Devices

Electronic boards, lenses, harnesses, side radars, various sensors, high mounted stop lamps, rear view cameras

Various Raw Materials
Eco-Friendly, Compliant with Demand for Conversion to EVs

Plastic materials (ease of recycling, flame retardant materials, heat shock-resistant materials, etc.), paints, polyurethane, surface materials


Molds, jigs and tools for manufacturing, machinery and equipment (improved environmental performance, energy conservation, etc.)