Housing-related plastic parts

We have expertise and knowledge gained through the manufacture of automotive parts and have applied them to the manufacture of housing-related parts. Automobiles require high levels of safety, quality, and painting. We apply these kinds of expertise to housing-related parts, which end users use and touch every day. In this field as well, we aim to make our Monozukuri exceed the expectations of our customers.

Bath Unit Parts

Technology development capabilities to meet customer needs

We continue technology development efforts in order to meet various needs in terms of both cost and design. The completion of an artificial marble bathtub through the development of a Bulk Molding Compound (BMC) material is just one such example.

Application of Painting Technology

Bathtubs made of Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) with a luxurious feel added by painting; bathroom floors with hydrophilic paint to be resistant to stains and mold. We propose high-value-added parts for housing equipment, manufactured by applying automotive painting technology.

Application of Thermosetting Plastic Molding Technology

Our thermosetting plastic molding technology is applied to the development of lightweight, high-value-added bathtubs. We are able to meet a variety of needs in terms of both cost and design.

Gas Pipe

Gas Pipe

It is possible to increase the seismic strength of underground city gas pipes by using plastic pipes. Plastic pipes have good on-site workability and their durability has improved. We manufacture large, thick-walled plastic gas pipes that are required to meet high precision requirements, using a large injection molding machine. Our gas pipes have been certified by the Japan Gas Association.

Iron-Core Stair Mat

Iron-Core Stair Mat

The main raw material of the plastic-coated stair mat is recycled polyethylene. The mat has increased strength and workability by molding together recycled polyethylene and an iron core (steel plate) with fastening bolts, through compression molding. Products with functions such as anti-slip and drainage are available, taking advantage of the molding and design flexibility unique to plastics.