Corporate philosophy / DNC brand

Brand Concept and StoryThe DNC Ideal

Making our tomorrow

We create things that do not yet exist.
The result is from our hard work and effort.

We have the value,
in our hands,
not yet to be discovered by the market.

We sincerely take on what is required of us, And have continued to live up to our customers’ expectations.
It may not have been obvious to everyone,
But still, we persist, paying meticulous attention to detail,
Aspiring to surpass the norm.
This approach reflects our value.

We, who Monozukuri,
Will take on our next challenge of shaping people’s lives.

Through flexible thinking, steady progress,
And growing together,
Possibilities emerge and the future will flourish.

We believe products and people from DaikyoNishikawa
Will change the world.

Corporate philosophy /
Philosophy System Diagram

Corporate PhilosophyAt DNC we relentlessly pursue our reason for being and our social mission.

We strive to be a company which places emphasis on people, society and the earth, in pursuit of the happiness and prosperity of our employees.
We will aim to exceed expectations by taking on challenges to technological development and innovative Monozukuri.
We will establish a company that gains the confidence of our community by thoroughly creating and following our general business ethics.

Philosophy System Diagram

Corporate philosophy/Brand Concept and Story/The DNC Way/DNC Identity

DaikyoNishikawa’s philosophy system diagram consists of four items. From top to bottom, the Corporate Philosophy states the reason for being and social mission that DNC relentlessly pursues; the Brand Concept and Story presents the DNC ideal; The DNC Way outlines the actions that employees should take to materialize these concepts; and the DNC Identity will emerge from the employees in the process of realizing the corporate philosophy and the DNC ideal, as expressed with a gradation around the triangle.

Company name


DaikyoNishikawa Corporation

*Company name abbreviation: DNC(DaikyoNishikawa Corporation)

In the land of Hiroshima, two companies who had excelled in craftsmanship in making high performance resin products, became one company and in 2007 DaikyoNishikawa Corporation came into being. Since the time when metal products were commonplace,



The DNC WayThe DNC Way outlines the actions that employees should take

Value the Essence、Hold on to Aspiration、Do Work You Can Be Proud Of、Act On Your Own Initiative、Join Forces as One-DNC


DNC IdentityThis represents the unchanging DNC Identity, which means the attitude and the way of thinking we value, as a link between what DNC has achieved until today and what DNC desires to be

A Sense of Unity That Brings Flexibility,Passion for Monozukuri,Thoughts to Covey to the Next Generation


The Future DNC Aims For

DaikyoNishikawa aims to support the future society as an enduring company and to respect the happiness of working people. To this end it envisions the future taking on new challenges for developing people in addition to Monozukuri.Looking toward this future, people who work at DaikyoNishikawa act in concert with each other to strengthen the DNC brand.

Monozukuri→From Monozukuri toward developing people. Become a company that creates new potentials and supports future society