Recycling of PVC Slush

Synergy between plastics and engineering methods

Engineering development for recycling waste material generated in the manufacturing process

(1) Current polyvinyl chloride (PVC) slush powder
(2) Waste material: Hand-cut portions around the product
(3) Conversion into sheets
(4) Coarse pulverization: Coarse cutting of waste material
(5) Conversion into powder (frozen pulverization)
(6) Pelletization
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 17% compared to incineration of waste material
  • Competitive cost relative to virgin material while ensuring equivalent physical properties
  • Weight reduction

The recycling technology has been developed from the perspectives of both horizontal recycling and cascade recycling.

[Horizontal Recycling]

The technology to pulverize waste skin material into fine and uniform grains enables it to be blended into virgin materials and reused as a material for molding skin materials.

[Cascade Recycling]

Waste skin material can be recycled into material for skin-wrapped components by melting and mixing it with virgin materials and stretching it into a sheet by extrusion molding.