Front-end Model

Synergy between plastics and engineering methods

Front-end concept that embodies the circular economy

Front-end Model
  • Overall reduction of environmental impact attributable to vehicle outer panel products
  • In total, 16% weight reduction and 13% CO2 emissions reduction compared to conventional products
  • Development of products and materials that utilize the characteristics of plant-derived materials and fibers
  • Contribution to a recycling-oriented society by utilizing materials that otherwise are incinerated or landfilled
  • Development of low-specific-gravity technology and its application to outer panel products

We will expand the range of products that use recycled materials and non-petroleum-based materials by utilizing our unique material formulation technologies and compound technologies that we have cultivated through the development of automotive interior and exterior components.
Also, we will continue our activities to reduce CO2 emissions by advancing technologies for recycling consumed products as resources.