Manufacturing Process


Material molding

Blow molding

We possess a broad range of molding technologies, capable of everything from precision molding to the creation of large-size products. We have also created a production system which synchronizes molding and secondary machining, in order to meet all kinds of needs.
Our molding technology allows us to continually shorten development periods and molding cycles. We use our accumulated expertise related to dies (machines) in order to continually work for higher quality on a never-ending high cycle. In the future, we will continue with new materials development technologies (such as masterbatches) while working to balance both materials CR with the ability to meet all kinds of specifications.

  • FRP press molding
  • Injection molding
  • Blow molding
  • Integral molding
  • Powder slash molding
  • Vacuum molding
  • Urethane foam molding

Surface molding

Urethane foam molding

We lead the industry with our top class technical abilities, covering everything from materials development to mass production. Among our production technologies are insert molding for high quality and low cost, powder slash molding for highly varied designs and texture needs, continuous vacuum molding that operates on one of the highest cycles in the industry, and the creation of trimless products. We are extremely proud of our technical abilities, and we are continuously making the greatest efforts to meet seemingly contradictory requirements for low cost and high quality.

  • Automatic painting line
  • Electrostatic painting

Surface decoration

Through development of environmentally-friendly paints, and the use of painting robots and electrostatic painting, we are able to provide high-quality painting of a broad range of plastic materials, including thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics.
We also provide customer delight (going beyond satisfaction) with advanced surface decoration technology to meet highly varied needs, including a hydraulic transfer method that can be used at all steps from design development to presentation and mass production.

  • Single-operator cell production system
  • Module assembly line
  • Full automatic unattended assembly
  • Full automatic unattended assembly


Our goal for production is the rapid and smooth delivery of products to meet customer requirements. We design the assembly process to suit the product specifications and quantity, and select the optimal production methods to meet highly diverse needs. To achieve this we utilize highly automated flexible production, such as a single-operator cell production system (one operator is responsible for multiple processes and performs material insertion, machining, and inspection) and a single workpiece flow system (line). These production lines allow reliable in-process quality assurance. We have also introduced full automatic unattended production lines for integrated production that covers molding, assembly, inspection, and packaging. These production systems allow us to achieve both high product quality and low cost.

Delivery and quality assurance

Delivery and quality assurance

The "in-line quality assurance system" to build quality through processes is established. By carrying out rigorous checks with multiple eyes at each step, we offer customer delight (going beyond satisfaction).

  • Delivery and quality assurance
  • Delivery and quality assurance