Development Process

In-house development of material blend

In-house development of material blend

In-house development of material blend

■DaikyoNishikawa carries out research and development regarding material blending for optimal attributed products, which also have best suited characteristics for the new manufacturing method of mass production.

■This in-house blending recipe makes it possible to reduce cost and black box the know-how.

Development of material blend and in-house compound

Blending Recipe The kneading machine mixes developed material to produce optimal input for required specifications

Product design

Product design process

Based on design data received from the customers, we create product designs with a balance of marketability, performance, cost, productivity, and other factors in order to provide products that satisfy the customers.

Product design process Product design process

Digital development centered on core CAD (NX/CATIA) for high quality and short delivery times

Digital development centered on core CAD (I-DEAS/CATIA) for high quality and short delivery times

Key advantages of DNC (DaikyoNishikawa) design

1.Achieves ultra-short delivery times.

For example, we have completed the process from bumper order to design, prototype, and mass production in only 10 months.

2.Capable of multi-perspective development of automotive plastic parts.

By making use of the expertise which we have developed through the development and production of all kinds of plastic automotive parts, including interior, exterior, body, chassis, and power train parts, we are able to work from multiple perspectives to achieve the optimal product design.

CAE analysis

CAE analysis

Performance evaluation

Rigidity and thermal deformation analysis

We evaluate the product's basic rigidity and ensure that it satisfies the required performance. We also measure the effects of heat on the product, for a high quality product design.

Vibration analysis

We evaluate vibration characteristics and incorporate the results into our designs in order to reduce the effect of vibration on people and products.

Shock analysis * Figure 1

We analyze shock performance which can affect people and products, and create high-performance product designs with a higher level of product safety.

Shock analysis

Air-conditioning analysis * Figure 2

We predict the flows of air inside the passenger compartment and raise the air conditioning performance in order to ensure heating/cooling performance and forward visibility.

Air-conditioning analysis

Processability verification

Resin flow and warpage analysis

We analyze the filling, pressure hold, and cooling stages that make up the molding process for thermoplastics, and carry out studies for the creation of a highly efficient process.
We also predict the warpage deformation that will occur after molding.

Blow molding analysis

We analyze all stages of the extrusion blow molding process, from Parison extrusion to expansion.

Test evaluation

Test evaluation


Check reliability with which the product can withstand the envisioned harsh use conditions such as resistance to heat, cold and climate.


Check durability with which the customer can use the product comfortably for a long time, such as through vibration durability, stiffness and abnormal noise evaluations.


Safety checks at the time of a crash to ensure safety for a vehicle's occupants and pedestrians such as through passenger-side airbag deployment and head impact.

Head impact tests

Head impact tests

We perform head impact tests with additional consideration for secondary impacts after an accident or other collision. These tests evaluate head protection performance by striking a piece of styrofoam made to model a human head against the main instrument panel parts in order to verify impact safety.

Vibration tests

Vibration tests

Our vibration tests reproduce the actual vibration environment in order to check the conditions of products installed on the vehicle during driving. This experimental evaluation verifies the high levels of performance and quality, for greater reliability.