Management Philosophy

We will realize a company which places emphasis on people, society and the earth, in pursuit of happiness and prosperity of our employees.

We will make challenges to technological development and innovative manufacturing by aiming to be a sensation creating company.

We will establish a company that gains the confidence of communities by thoroughly implementing our corporate philosophy.

Quality Policy

We will deliver the “highest satisfaction to customers” by:

1. Creating quality through processes with reliable activities,

2. Taking into consideration customer needs and expectations in advance to create attractive products, and

3. Operating a quality management system effectively for continuous improvements.

Environmental Policy

We will become a company which is friendly to people, society and the earth by continuously performing environmental protection activities thoroughly across the organization.

1.We will implement periodic reviews by grasping the effects of corporate activities on the environment and setting environmental objectives and targets, and work toward continuous improvements and pollution prevention through an environmental management system.

2.We will work toward thorough loss reductions and environmental improvements by conducting especially the following by priority under the effects of corporate activities, products and services on the environment:
・Waste reductions and recycling
・Promotion of resource and energy savings
・Control and reduction of environmentally harmful substances

3.We will comply with environment-related laws and regulations as well as other requirements.